Aman Motwane

The man who's
been leading the
Wisdom Revolution
long before most even
realized there's a Revolution!

Aman Motwane
Quick Bio


Aman holds degrees from the Indian Institute of Technology and a Master’s from Stanford University, which he received in 9 months. But he’s the first to point out that education and information are worth nothing if you don't understand the right questions to ask.

Hailed by Tom Peters for bringing his company out of the doldrums, almost overnight, heralded by the media as the UnGuru because he is such a convention-breaker, Aman Motwane is the man behind the movement to change how the world learns

Why do you need
the UnGuru?

Aman has been dubbed
by the media
as the UnGuru
because he is unlike
almost every expert,
guru, trainer, coach
or consultant

Unlike most gurus today who teach you their insights, the UnGuru guides you to become insightful yourself.

Instead of training you with the "accepted body of knowledge," the UnGuru guides you to transcend such knowledge because, as recent events have proven, it quickly becomes irrelevant.

Instead of fragmented training — for example, relationships separate from creativity separate from selling separate from time management — the UnGuru integrates your learning so that you ramp up simultaneously across all the skills you need.

Lost in
best practices,
vision statements,
mission statements,
and …

and … ?

Can You Afford
to Ignore This?

The Information Age is Over! The days of seeking answers from others are gone!

Forget all the books that inundate with you answers — lists of Rules and Laws and Prescriptions and Habits and Agreements!

All the answers in the world are worth nothing if you don't know the right questions to ask.

When you master the art of asking the right questions, you'll become insightful and perceptive, creative and resourceful — you'll uncover answers others haven't even considered yet.

But who, besides Aman Motwane, is teaching you how to ask the right questions? You can't afford to ignore what he's saying.

Yes, You Can Change the World

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Most people focus on doing things
as the way to make a difference.

What they don’t realize is that
the most powerful way to make
a difference doesn't require you
to actually do anything at all!

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